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World Class Detection

Our advanced heuristics engines detected every scam site since 01/2023, resulting in 0 customer losses.

Social Shield

Automatically flags malicious Twitter accounts in your feed, preventing you from engaging with them.

Automatic Protection

The only Web3 security solution that operates like your antivirus:
fully automatically and requires no user knowledge or interaction.

On-chain Monitoring

We monitor the safety of your assets 24/7 on-chain, protecting you from threats such as address poisoning, front-running and sandwich attacks.

360° Protection

Sentinel3 protects you from drainer sites, malicious addresses interactions and accidentally leaking your private crypto data.

Emergency Alerts

Receive live alerts on emergency crypto security incidents where your assets are potentially at risk and your immediate attention is required.

Multi-Chain Support

1000+ chains covered (all EVM)

AI Based Security

Sentinel3 Features in Action

Scam Detection
Scam Detection
99.9% Detection Rate

When a user tries to interact with a malicious Web3 site, this alert will shown.

Our AI detection algorithm was developed by security experts with more than 15 years of experience in offensive security and battle-tested for 2 years before being released to the masses.

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Meet the Team

Our Story

Danor and Alex met in the Neo Tokyo NFT community in 2021, where hundreds of members lost their assets to drainers. Tormented by the losses and the lack of scam detection solutions, they took matters into their own hands and created Sentinel3, the most advanced security solution to detect drainer sites in real-time.

Danor Cohen

Danor Cohen

CTO / Founder

Former Head of Offensive Security at © Salesforce, Inc. Professional hacker with 15+ years of experience. Top 10 hacker at PayPal, hall of fame at Dropbox, and more.

Alex Katz

Alex Katz

CEO / Founder

Global marketing director and chief operating officer with 10+ years of experience in digital marketing, growth hacking, and finance.

Advisory Board

Sunil Sharma

Sunil Sharma

Product & Compliance

VP of Product Management at Circle (USDC). Product Leader for Ads and Privacy Infrastructure at Meta for 4+ years. Co-Founder and CPO at and Head of Product for Social Analytics at Medallia (MDLA). UC Berkeley Haas MBA.

Francis Brankin

Francis Brankin

Blockchain Economy

Ex-Aerospace Engineer turned Web3 economist. Builds compliant, sustainable economies; knowledgeable in systems engineering, blockchain, AI. Co-founded Mure, Economy Head at Shrapnel.

Bernhard Mueller

Bernhard Mueller

Web3 Cybersecurity

Experienced security researcher with a 20-year background in the industry. His research has earned him a "Best Research" Pwnie Award at Blackhat USA. He created Mythril, a smart contract analyzer with over a million downloads.

Ajay Dhesikan

Ajay Dhesikan

Marketing & Growth

$100MM+ in revenue generated for clients. 15 years of marketing experience. 2014 crypto entrant. Founder of OnChainMarketer, nurturing a community of Web3 marketing talent.

Felix Nordén

Felix Nordén

Blockchain Infrastructure

Former data scientist at Twitch/Amazon, now a Web3 developer & entrepreneur. Co-founded Mure, Yurei, & Ignio. Head Dev at Neo Tokyo, consults on strategy, tech, and tokenomics.

Tamir Avital

Tamir Avital

Investor Relations

Seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in angel investments, fundraising, business development and strategy. Equipped with a astute mindset and a knack for navigating financial landscapes to optimize outcomes.

Matthew Gonzalez

Matthew Gonzalez

Business Development

Retired Military Intelligence, now Web3 savant. Formulates business and client strategy and tokenomics for Web3 ventures. CSO at Mure.

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